All about the experiments

Creating Experiments

You can create an experiment either by adding JavaScript Snippets or by using our API that includes many SDK's for numerous languages such as Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript and Swift.

Editor Live

In case you have trouble writing JavaScript, you are free to use our editor on your live page. Simply use the shortcut CTRL + ALT + E and change anything you want. The editor generates the JavaScript according to your changes and takes care of creating the experiments directly from your page.

Preview Mode

If you want to check-up on your running experiment, press the preview button and go to your original page. You can also add an overview box in order to see if you are logged into DuckProve and if you have already previewed any experiments.

Experiment Details

Present all the details of your experiment, how it is configured and the tags you have set up. For server side experiments we recommend you mention which one is the baseline, and which one is the experiment.