We care about privacy.

Information collected

By default, DuckProve uses storage and cookie technologies provided by browsers. Where the data is stored locally can be changed by the product owner using the JavaScript API. DuckProve has two basic types of data called views and values. By default, views are tracked automatically whenever a page load occurs. Values are tracked manually, and it is up to the product owner when those occur.

Views and values consist of the following data:
  • View Key: A randomly generated key which is unique per page view.
  • Previous Key: The view key of the previous page view.
  • Session Key: A randomly generated key, created at the beginning of a session.
  • Consumer Key: A randomly generated key, unique per consumer.
  • URL: The URL where the view was tracked.
  • Participation: Information which experiments the user participated.
  • Field: A name, used to identify the value. This is submitted by the product owner.
  • Value: A number, used for values. This is submitted by the product owner.
Beside of that, DuckProve also collects the following information:
  • IP Address: A network address used for communication.
  • User Agent: Operating system, browser and versions.

We protect your data

The internal system of DuckProve uses a multitenancy architecture, which means all data is encapsulated completely per product. While many companies try to save money at this point, we put a lot of effort into security and data isolation. DuckProve enforces HTTPS to ensure encryption of the communication between your customers and our servers.

Privacy statements

We strongly recommend stating all trackings which are being made within the product in a transparent manner. We do not force our customers to follow this advice, but we would like to mention that local laws might require to do so. It is the responsibility of our customers to follow region specific laws such as the ICO cookie law, which requires websites to inform the user about the usage of cookies.


With time, new laws are changing and we might need to update our privacy conditions. That is why those statements may change in future. The most recent information will be available on this page.

Disable tracking

Our customers may offer their consumers to disable tracking or disable experiments completely by using the software development kits or application interfaces provided by DuckProve. However, we do not require our customers to use such features in any product.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a feedback.