Optimizing customer centric experience needs incremental A/B tests.

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DuckProve is a multi platform testing tool which measures influence of changes made to your websites and applications. Probability and statistics will help you to progressively improve.


Use the editor to create experiments by changing texts, attributes and styling. Write JavaScript, or do server side experiments.


Use our standard reports or create custom reports with widgets using our query language DQL.


By tagging your experiments into categories and strategies, you will be able to measure how well the whole improvement strategy works.


You can react to any event of DuckProve with an action you define. E.g. send out notifications when an experiement changes.


Access DuckProve from within your application. The API comes along with many SDK's in almost all programming laguages.


You are able access all data which we save. Define your own data basis for reports by writing your query.
Checkout Features

Create dynamic experiments

The installation of DuckProve enables a keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + E on your website. Using this shortcut it is easily possible to create lots of experiments. As long as logged in on DuckProve this shortcut will open the editor and it will assist you creating experiments. Learn more...

Check the results with reports

There are quite a few reports available to analyse results. Especially the system wide reports which make use of hashtags are really helpful to find out what the users desire. And even if those system reports are insufficient, DuckProve supports custom reports! Learn more...

Flexible analysis using DQL

DuckProve introduces a draw query language (DQL) which is more or less the same as SQL with an output solution. This language is easy to learn, and allows reading the users mind by just painting the data in fancy charts! Learn more...